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We manifest what we think. This manifestation can be positive or negative. Grieving the loss of a loved one can fill our minds and hearts with many sad and painful feelings. It is healing to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. An affirmation is a way of doing this.

Affirmations are positive thoughts or statements reinforcing a desired goal which has been reached or is within reach. In times of sadness, affirmations can help to uplift one from a negative to a more positive state of mind. Some people like to think of affirmations as short prayers asking for God’s assistance.

An Affirmation may be said repeatedly, or only once. The following are some basic affirmations which have been useful to many bereaved people. Some may resonate with you more then others do. Feel free to use any or all of them in your journey through grief, or to develop your own.

  • I now let go of my sorrow, but hold onto my love for (loved one).
  • I trust God to guide me through this time, and I take the first step to do it.
  • I am thankful for the time I shared with (loved one).
  • I am a clear channel for God’s peace, love and Light.
  • I now let go, and let God.
  • I choose love, I choose to heal.
  • I choose to accept and love myself.
  • Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.
  • I must accept what I cannot change.
  • I now do unto others, as I would have them do unto me.
  • I now have compassion, even for those I do not understand.
  • I treasure every day I am living.
  • My life has value and others appreciate who I am.

Every day is a gift from God and we must use that gift wisely and with love. Some days though, may not feel like a gift, because they are full of hardship and sadness. On those days we may need some hope to help us cope. Affirmations can help by being a tool to lift us up when we feel down. They are a way to remind us to choose love over sorrow and to summon our inner strength when circumstances make us feel weak. Affirmations are also a means of asking God for guidance during times of hardship, and thanking God for our blessings during times of joy.